Sunday, January 18, 2009

Almost bedtime..LOL..

Wow, what a day...Almost bath and bedtime for us all, beginning w/ Trey, who is not so happy at the moment..Just set up this blogspot today..That was a new experience to say the least..Found out that I know absolutely nothing about it and html will drive you insane if you let it..Made a Tag Your It siggy for one of my buds over at Chaos Angels and that's about it..Struggling to get my psp mojo flowing..LOL..Need to get a new offer up at Sparkle and Splash, but that'll wait for another day..I'm 3 up for the month as is..I hope to make this a working blog eventually- showing off some stuff and making friends out in psp land..Somehow I ended up with an adult content blogspot, but I guess that's best, since I do some AC tags, but so far no EAC, but I'll leave it as it is because of that..Don't want to offend anyone..